Friday, October 1, 2010


*My favorite wassail spice blend!

*A snowy evening outside the Biltmore Home in Asheville, NC!

Fall is here!! I'm so excited that the weather has finally gotten a little cooler...and the leaves are starting to change colors. It just makes me want to surround myself with pumpkins and the smell of cinnamon and cloves. Since I have been a little under the weather this week I decided to break out the slow cooker and steep some wassail. It is so warm and comforting to a sore throat...and the cinnamon is a great antioxidant!
On our vacation to the Biltmore Home in Asheville, NC we picked up a bunch of their wassail mix. It is a really great blend of mulling spices with a little extra orange zest flavor. I usually mix several tbsp fulls with apple juice or apple cider (my fav is the Simply Apple Juice) and let it steep for a few hours on low in the slow cooker. You can also just pick up a package of mulling spices at your local grocery store to blend with the apple juice/cider. I still place a few extra cinnamon sticks in...just for a little added cinnamon~ey taste :)


Dance Forever said...

I have a bag of the Biltmore Wassal and the instructions are unreadable. Can you send me the directions? Thank you and have a merry Christmas.

Leslie said...

Thanks so much for following my blog! I love love love the Biltmore! Great photo!

Leslie said...

My Nutella Hot Chocolate ROCKS! I am glad your hubby loved it. Share share share away!!! Thanks for asking.

PinkLadyRN said...

Yay! Thanks so much. I'm making my hubs another batch tonight so I'll grab a pic and post the recipe later.

I absolutely love your blog. The layout is gorgeous and your recipes are fabulous :)

PinkLadyRN said...

Dance Forever...the directions on the back of my package are as follows:

With Apple Cider- Add 2 tsp for every cup of hot cider. Or one cup of wassail mix for each gallon of cider.

With Red Wine- Mix one bottle red wine with four cups of hot water in saucepan. Add one cup of wassail mix and simmer until spices have dissolved.

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