Monday, June 13, 2011

Exciting News!

I have been seriously neglecting my wifely duties lately.  I can't say that anything blog worthy has come out of my little kitchen in the past several months.  I'm hoping that will begin to change soon!  I have just been feeling very tired and sick all the time.....because we are HAVING A BABY!!!  Yes, I can't even believe it.  We are expecting our first little one in October.  A sweet baby BOY!  
I have been feeling a little better these past two weeks.  Now that I'm on into my second trimester (23 weeks to be exact) most of my sickness has faded, and I am beginning to get a little energy back.  I have tried a few new recipes this week....and if I can figure out how to upload photos from my new camera I will post them soon.  :)

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